AXON Digital Hearing Amplifier Personal Sound Enhancer Behind the Ear Tone Cheap

  • $26.99

These Adjustable Hearing Aid 3 Size Silicone EarplugsModel Number: F-138 \ F-139 are the unique sort of tool for older people especially who get problems with hearing there surroundings. No worries that a normal thing to happen so we can help you with this to not have to wait for long waiting times to meet a specialist and the  afterwards procedure, but now we can give you the solution and serve your problem on a fraction of the price within a couple of days/weeks. Can you hear me? Thats right--Buy Now !!!

Brand Name: AXON
Earplug: 3 Types
Power By: 1 * AG13 Battery(Included)
Max.Sound Gain: 50dB(+/-5dB)
Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
Frequency Range: 450-3500Hz
Input Noise: ≤30dB
Current: ≤4mA